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Fydro is a privately owned small enterprise located in the heart of the Netherlands.

1995 Fydro started the industrial production of concrete with glassfibre reinforcement.
In an innovative process the concrete matrix (recipe) is supported by triple reinforcement, being short cut fibers (chopped strand), long fibers (rovings) and 1 or 2 textile mats (woven).
Depending on the requested strength and application all these materials are combined using an innovative extrusion process resulting in a thickness of 10-25 mm.
Over the years the process evolved and is brought to perfection. The application and the products are recognized in their respective markets as strong, reliable, esthetical and good value for money.

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Highly motivated, experienced, long employment


In the year 2000 the facilities of the former printing company Verkerke Reproductions were transformed into a production line for thin concrete. One could say this was the start of 3D printing avant la letter

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